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The Express Scripts Connection

Specialty Benefit Services is a division of Express Scripts, the Nation’s largest Pharmacy Benefit Manager. At Express Scripts, we are experts at getting you the medications you need while providing education, clinical care and cost savings. 

The Express Scripts Advantage

Whether you are using Accredo for a Specialty medication or using Express Scripts for medications through your traditional pharmacy benefit, you'll benefit from the size, scope of services and expertise of Express Scripts, while still receiving the individualized attention and care you need to help manage your condition.

  • Express Scripts’ state of the art pharmacy and systems technology ensures you get your medication when you need it.
  • Our research-based clinical and trend management programs lead to safe and effective treatment for you and cost savings for you and your plan sponsor.

Your Express Scripts Account

If you are part of an Express Scripts plan, you can log in or create and account to get started managing your prescriptions your way. At you can:

  • Refill a prescription
  • Track an order
  • Price a drug
  • Start  home delivery
  • See prescription history
  • And so much more

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