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Drug Coverage

We know managing treatment costs is very important to you and our admissions team is there to help you through the entire process.

Benefits Investigation

Specialty Benefits Services works with you during the enrollment process to gather your insurance information. During our benefits investigation process we verify your eligibility and determine what drugs your plan covers and your share of the cost.

Many insurance plans require prior authorization to fill certain specialty medications. If prior authorization applies to you, our team will help you initiate the process so you can get the medication you need.

Flexible Payment Options

At Specialty Benefits Services, we offer you flexible options to pay your share of the medication cost, including:

If you do not carry insurance for prescription medications or if your coverage is limited, there are many Patient Assistance Programs sponsored by drug manufacturers and other organizations to help you get the treatment you need. Our admissions team will help you identify Patient Assistance Programs that may be a right fit for you.


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