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CareLogic® Support Programs

Our Specialty Pharmacies have nine Therapeutic Resource Centers with disease focused, specialty trained clinicians. Within those TRCs, our thirteen Specialty Care Management programs, called CareLogic® provide disease-focused clinical interventions by specialized clinicians, including:
- Patient assessments
- Proactive adherence support
- Outcomes tracking
- Patient advocacy and education
- Detailed reporting
- Support for the prescriber-patient relationship and plan of care

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Hepatitis C

The hepatitis C virus infects the liver, which results in inflammation (swelling) of the liver.   Some people with Hepatitis C never experience serious complications, but up to 85% of those infected will develop chronic Hepatitis C.  After years of infection, the liver often becomes scarred (know as cirrhosis), which can lead to liver failure and cancer in some patients. More than 3 million people in the U.S. are battling Hepatitis C with a high number of Baby Boomers (born 1945 – 1965) who have contracted the virus. There are medications that help fight the infection and prevent complications from Hepatitis C, but they can be challenging to use.

CareLogic® - Hepatitis C

Patients with Hepatitis C have a number of effective treatments available to them, but require strict adherence to their doctor’s prescribed treatment . That’s why our care management program for Hepatitis C empowers you with information, tools and guidance to help you take your medications properly. Our specially-trained nurses and pharmacists help you understand and manage the side effects of your medications. We’ll also schedule time to check in with you and find out how you are doing. We continue these personalized services throughout your entire course of treatment.

Hepatitis Neighborhood

The Hepatitis Neighborhood is an online educational resource owned and operated by Accredo, a specialty pharmacy specializing in services for patients with conditions such as Hepatitis C. Here you will find updated news, support from others in our message boards, and live chats with expert hepatitis physicians from around the country. Visit often to take full advantage of all these Hepatitis resources.

Hepatitis Resources

There are many organizations that can give you more information about Hepatitis C. Some of these organizations are:

American Liver Foundation

Hepatitis Foundation International

Center for Disease Control

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