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Patient Services

Accredo is more than just a pharmacy. We ensure that you get all the training, education, and support you need to administer your medications and stick to the prescribed therapy plan your physician has outlined for you.

Accredo Patients Receive:

• Patient education materials
• Medication with supply kits that contain all the supplies you need to administer your therapy
• Access to pharmacists and nurses 24 hours a day

Personalized Service

When you choose Accredo specialty pharmacy, you have chosen the support of a skilled team of experts that stand behind you. You will receive the best disease-specific education from pharmacists and nurses who advise you on treatments as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your therapy.

Patient Education

In addition to the materials you receive in your Welcome Packet, our specialty pharmacy services also provide comprehensive online resources. Here you will find information on specialty care programs, educational information about many conditions treated with specialty medications and links to disease-specific resources.


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