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Specialty Benefit Services Advantages

Specialty Benefit Services integrates medical benefit management, pharmacy benefit management and our pharmacy and distribution services into one comprehensive program. This combination helps centralize the many pieces of patient care and administration and offers several benefits to patients, plan sponsors and healthcare providers.

Patient Benefits

We recognize that living with a chronic condition can be a difficult experience for patients and their families. That is why Specialty Benefits services focuses on providing clinical guidance, education, enhanced safety and financial support for patients. Our program offers:

  • Clinical care programs focused on specific conditions
  • Safety checks on all medications
  • Convenient, fast and safe delivery of Specialty Medications
  • Flexible payment options and access to patient assistance programs when available

Plan Sponsor Benefits

Specialty Benefits Services offers plan sponsors a proven way to control specialty drug costs while continuing to provide complete coverage for members. Our solution provides:

  • The first comprehensive approach to managing specialty spend across both the pharmacy and medical benefit
  • Guaranteed savings trough medical benefit management services
  • Personalized care and an unmatched understanding of patient behavior

Healthcare Provider Benefits

Specialty Benefit Services helps physicians deliver better patient care and reduce the administrative load of administering specialty drugs.

Medical Benefits Management through CareContinuum, offers physicians:

  • Integrated pharmacy and medical prior authorization
  • Real-time benefit approvals
  • Point-of-care authorization handling
  • Enhanced clinical decision-making and online prescription verification

CuraScript Specialty Distribution Services assist physicians through:

  • Safe and accurate delivery of specialty medications and medical supplies
  • Extensive inventory at Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) contract prices
  • Inventory controls solutions
  • Flexible payment options

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